RZR-05000-FD RS1/Turbo S Differential Upgrade Bracket

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The Conversion Bracket you have been waiting for , This Bracket kit allows you to Convert the XP1000 Front Differential to the RS1/Turbo S . A huge upgrade for you XP1000 Owners . This Kit does require Cutting and Fabrication, Installation should be completed by an authorized installer or experienced fabricator.

Bracket Allows for Winch Mount


QTY Part # Description
1 RZR-05000-FD-01 Weld on Template
1 RZR-05000-FD-02 Top Winch Plate
1 RZR-05000-FD-03 Left Mounting Bracket
1 RZR-05000-FD-04 Right Mounting Bracket
2 HDW-00144 5/16-18 x 3/4"Long Flange Bolt
2 HDW-000145 5/16-18 Nylock Nut
2 HDW-000146 3/8-16 Flange Bolt
2 HDW-000147 3/8-16 Nylock Nut
2 HDW-00143 M12x1.75 x 220mm Bolt
2 HDW-00138 M12x1.75 Nylock Nut
1 RZR-05000-FD-05 Differential adapter plug
4 HDW-00142 Differential Bolt Washers