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MOTOMAX UTV Tires from EFX Tires for the Can Am and Polaris.

RIM SIZE: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
TIRE SIZE: 28x8.5R14, 30x8.5R16, 31x8.5R14, 32x8.5R16, 32x8.5R18, 33x8.5R20, 34x8.5R18, 35x8.5R20, 35x8.5R22, 37x8.5R24, 37x9.5R22, 40x9.8R24, 42x8.5R24, 45x10R24

The EFX MotoHavok ATV & UTV Tire
Innovating the world’s best ATV/UTV ag-style tire is no easy accomplishment, and the EFX MotoHavok is unlike any other mud/ag tire on the market. With a bulletproof 6-ply carcass and enormous 2″+ lugs, the MotoHavok combines unparalleled deep mud traction with a smooth hard-pack ride quality that’s perfect no matter what surface you’re on–or in. Its tread pattern boasts an industry-first checkmark design that provides ultra reliable traction in both drive and reverse. We didn’t stop engineering after we nailed the tread. The MotoHavok is the only ag-style mud tire to feature an ultra deep wheel lip protector, armoring your custom wheels from debris when in motion.

Available Sizes:
28×8.5-14, 31×8.5-14, 32×8.5-16, 32×8.5-18, 34×8.5-18, 33×8.5-20, 35×8.5-20, 35×8.5-22, 37×8.5-24, 42×8.5-24
Engineering: 6 Ply
Tread Depth: .75″