Simpson Racing UTV Harnesses Black with black hardware

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The Simpson Off-Road D3 Restraint buckle does what no other buckle system can. It provides the ease and convenience of a sewn in harness without the shoulder straps being sewn to the lap belt. Its unique patented design eliminates the two shoulder strap links while still allowing the shoulder straps to be joined at the center of the buckle, truly embracing the "V" shape of a 5 point latch and link.

Made in the USA
Aluminum EZ adjusters
Rounded pads for maximum comfort
Patented 3-piece D3 buckle
Harnesses without black hardware are available. 

Colors available: Red, Blue or Black.

Belt Width: 2"X2" or 3"X3"

Mounting Style: Bolt-on

Belt Lock Type: D3

Hardware Style: Black Hardware

Padding: Comes with Pads


NOTE: Not SFI rated.